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The Pineal Gland: info within Summer Revolve PDF, please click link here :-)

For the Summer Revolve PDF, click here:

Subject, all about the pineal gland, some very important articles, get yourself enlighened! :-)

If you'd like to get a paper magazine, then you can from the website, but only by buying a previous mag&CD. Scroll down website for their tracklistings.
www.revolvemagazine.co.uk /index.html

Features: The Pineal Gland & reality / Cleaning your pineal gland / Learn to see through the illusion / Antaris Project 20 / Hadra Festival 8 /
Goa Season 2014 / Designing décor and festivals: sub features (Carin Dickson / Ihti Anderson / Visual Sweets / Cognitive Dissidents / Ink Junkie / in Orbit / DMT: plant-based therapy / Sacred Geometry / Cosmic Trigger

Interviews: Pouyan Khosravi / Saafi Brothers / CPU / Sysphe / Kaya Project / Return To The Source/ Carey Thompson / Reactionary Faction / Digital Om / Hilight Tribe / Manmachine

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