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Troll - flashback interview

Troll. Bjorn, Stein, Leif_Erik. This Norwegian Psy-Trance band has not
been much known to the czech audience until the end of August 2oo1
- when they took part at two parties in Brno and near Stara Boleslav.
After their return back home I have met them in their studio
to write a short article about their summer experience:

-Could you describe your general feelings about the whole small tour to Czechia?

We didn’t actually have much time to figure out what’s really going on
down there - we just scratched the surface...
Czechia IS different. Absolutely not what we’re used to, but nice after all.

-And people? Are they different as well?

Oh yes, lots of nice folks we’ve met in Praha. And we also hope, that the
guys from Tetra Hydro Club at Brno (small group in a BIG house), where the
first party took place, will be able to run the whoole fu**ing building
and to keep it, because it’s a perfect place for everything, maybe it needs
more advertising to attract people - the audience seems quite open-minded...
The psy-trance people look the same all around Europe, shame we don’t speak czech
to find out more - anyway we don’t see many people when we stand there with the
blacklight in our face. We also appreciate the good production, many thanks go
to PerpleX, who managed to make the party near Prague finally happen even in
such a bad conditions - the only complains we have, that it could have been
not-so-chill-out with some +50dB though :)
(Bjorn screams:’Yes! Should have been LOUDER!)
And - perhaps czech folks should maybe sm0ke more! Especially on party occasions...

-What kind of future do you see in the present music-scene?

Well, the police is doing a pretty too much good work everywhere - to f*ck with
trancers. We think, therefore, it should move deeper underground. Right now, when
all the electronic/dance music had turned so much to commerce again, it will only
make a good service to the people, who are really interested in nice music,
for instance in psytrance. There will probably rise the amount of emptiness
in those mega parties with too fancy design and full of bad kind of puppies.
Everything should move away from that concept - we think, that the future motto is
’small but nice’ - for the people who enjoy and appreciate it!
Like for example in CZ we feel the BPM is quite high and the trance is still
not in a state of progression - that might also change in the future...

-Speaking of future - what are the plans of Troll?

More music! We are now planning a few gigs around Europe for the next season
(from Portugal to Norway), the next actual gig should be in Oslo. You know,
it’s quite hard to make a party here in Norway as it is so isolated,
the norwegian trance community is really small - and we have no party weather...
But we will try to make the sound as much trolly as we can get, even more than now.

-Right, do you think that your style could be described
as a part of scandinavian psy-trance stream?

Maybe geografically... but NO - it’s not like Spiral Trax or S_Range,
Atmos or Logic Bomb - but they really give us a lot of inspiration and enthusiasm
to keep on going; we look up to Simon Posford and mushy trance, too - we’d like
to be part of both these styles.
We wanted to make each song as a chapter in a fairy tale - that’s why we are
combining slow and on-going tunes in trance.

-What about drugs and music? (no rock’n’roll:)

?What about it? Well - to make a ’psychedelic trance’ music, you have to be
a little psychedelic :) Actually it would be nice to have mushrooms like
decoration or instead of pets at home, but right now we got more usual
cats and fishes than mushrooms. Will this change in the future, we’ll inform you.

-Do you have any problems with the mp3 revolution and worldwide copyright violation?

How can you stop it? We don’t care. On the internet there is just tons of unreleased
stuff/demos. That’s how the psy-trance is based - the idea is not to make a lot of money
from the royalties. Those DJs who mean it serious will be still buying 12" vinyl records
no matter how easy it is to download it somewhere.

-OK, if you don’t have anything else to tell the masses...? :)

Our dream is to live up in the mountains with only the necessary equipment we need to
produce music and let people come to us as to the ancient story tellers and listen to
our stories.
And perhaps we’re just kidding. Who could trust a Troll?

Text>DraxX< [the Pipebreaker/IGRA]
In Stavanger-Norway on September 22nd-27th, 2oo1.

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