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VA - Spiritual Science (Compiled by Demoniac Insomniac) Active Meditation Music

[b]VA - Spiritual Science (Compiled by Demoniac Insomniac) Active Meditation Music [/b]

We have all gathered from around the world to find the answers about the mysteries of the universe...

Yogis, Monks, shamans and healers, mad scientists, mathematicians, aliens, crazy goblins and many celestial beings have gathered for this occasion to celebrate sound.

A story has been created from 21 pieces of sound, to awake the ancient consciousness of mankind.
01.Twisted Kala Vs Nasha - La Griffe (152 BPM)
02.Hydropanic & Silent Horror - BLess You Freaks (150 BPM)
03.Psychoson - Master Aus (152 BPM)
04.Arcek vs Frog - Sacred Lotus (152 Bpm)
05.Kraft - Crickets In The Angklu (154 Bpm)
06.PolyKaos - No More Faith (Polyphonia Rmx) (150 Bpm)
07.Xikwri Neyrra - Fractal Orchestra (153 Bpm)
08.Demoniac Insomniac - From Darkness In To The Light (156 Bpm)
09.Sectio Aurea - Nera La Luna (160 BPM)
10.Kasatka vs Dark Whisper - The Fountain (160 BPM)[/b]

11.The Dog Of Tears - Kalivile (152 Bpm)
12.Iguana vs Conxion vs Demoniac Insomniac - Connecting Dots (156 Bpm)
13.Antagon - Triangular (155 BPM)
14.Mentaloop vs Pressman - Psychadelic Stuff (155 Bpm)
15.Fatal Discord - Stormbind (164 Bpm)
16.Oxidaksi - Finest Collection (172 Bpm)
17.Kanibal Holokaust - Krishna (180 Bpm)
18.Rawar - Aghori Kali Mantra (165 Bpm)
19.Mind Oscillation - Rules Of Chess (165 Bpm)
20.Yaminahua - Solar Plexus (190 Bpm)
21.Infect Insect - Remetenia Rmx (163 Bpm)[/b]

The compilation will be on 2 cd's packed in 6 panel digipack! And will be distributed in our website, all the good psy shops around, and offcourse on all the parties the artists will play

There will be a digital release, and a special experimental release on a usb stick!

I believe it is time to push up the quality of audio! Inspired by the high quality audio systems like Funktion One, upcoming technology for 24 bit audio support, and the request of the audience for playing better sound quality, i decided to make a Usb stick containing 24 bit version of the tracks on the compilation!

Here is the plan for the usb stick, it will be the same dimensions as a credit card, co u can keep it in your wallet :)


Additional info will come soon! For any info or contact:
Msn/Mail: demoniacinsomniac@hotmail.com
Skype: demoniacinsomniac
Web: www.activemeditationmusic...

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