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V/A PsyShark Vibes 4 (2010) (PsyShark Records)


Artist : V/A
Format : CD
Genere : Psytrance
Title : [b]PsyShark Vibes 4[/b]
Label : [b]PsyShark Records[/b]
Cover Artwork : Spaceshirt.ch (Switzerland)
Release Date: 2010 Aug
Catalogue Number : PSHCD007
Distribution : BeatSpace (Italy)


01.[b]Rinkadink [/b] - Pirate Signal (Wizack Twizack Remix)

02.[b]DNA [/b] - Basic Instinct

03.[b]Logic Bomb Vs Syrus The Virus [/b] - Virtuoso (Didrapest Remix)

04.[b]Quality Sound[/b] - Groovy

05.[b]Prospect [/b] - Sounds Like A Melody

06.[b]Nature Disaster[/b] - Perfect Child

07.[b]Botanica Vs Gothica[/b] - Emotional Technology

08.[b]NoizePulse [/b] - Static Movement

09.[b]Alienn vs X-Avenger [/b] - Akura

10.[b]PsyShark[/b] - XTC (PsyShark Remix v2.0)

Cd Description:

PsyShak Records are very proud to provide you another amazing release of PsyShark Vibes series !
"The Highest Quality Of Today's PsyTrance Music", selected by PsyShark.

PsyShark Vibes Series has got its success everywhere on this planet and still getting more & more success.

Following to the numerous positive feedbacks and requests of PsyShark Records Fans ,
PsyShark Vibes series will keep growing non-stop , supported by best & most professional artists of today's PsyTrance Scene.

PsyShark Vibes 4 , as the previous parts , it will rock any dance-floor that will be played at !

Just have your original copy and watch the results by yourself !


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PsyShark Records official website: http://www.PsyShark.com

Enjoy !

Sharks Team

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