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Phonix Records - Kode Six remix competition

Welcome to the world of Phonix Records - a new London based record label.
Established with the aim to showcase the best and more recognized artists, along with promoting up and coming talent.

Promo Artwork:

With this first physical release, we present you with the second full length album of Kode Six, 'Perfekt World'. Hailing from Canada, Kalan Bird is the mind behind this heavy monster of psy trance, he brings you 'Perfekt World' - a fine collection of 12 tracks inspired by the works of french writer Guy Debord. With this album, Kode Six explores the depths of measure - expect to hear roaring melodies, twisted grooves characterized by the raw energy that is his trademark.

Epic is the only word to describe it.

With this release, Phonix Records hopes to leave its mark on the scene and give the world a small taste of things to come.
Mastered by none other than the legendary Artifakt, get ready for the Perfekt World !!!


01. The Spektakle
02. Overkill
03. Hyperreality
04. Solipsia
05. Ayanami
06. Indiscernables
07. Traffik
08. Perfekt World
09. Nothing
10. Simulakra
11. Akumen
12. Our Rules (Bonus Track)

RELEASE DATE: 9 September, 2011


Youtube Promo Video:

*Kode Six Bio:

Kode Six is Montreal's born and raised Kalan Bird aka Dj Br34th3. Since 2003 he has established himself as one of the top Canadian psychedelic acts, specializing in unadulterated dance floor demolition. He has headlined countless multifarious events, hosted radio shows, had mixes featured on a myriad of stations, blogs and webcasts internationally and has taken part in several documentaries on the Canadian underground techno community. Adjoining a broad collection of compilation releases, in mid 2008 Kode Six released his first feature length album entitled Kold Fuzion on Vision Records South Africa/U.K..

Renowned for his electrifying and relentless night time groove combined with his stage presence and witty technique, Kalan has found himself at the helm of some of the finest rigs working alongside some of the most influential artists in the global community.

Album available at:







*For the remix competition of the track Perfekt World send us an email to phonix.records@gmail.com with the subject REMIX and we will send you all the info and samples.

The winning remixes will be featured in a digital ep coming out in the next few months on Phonix Records.

The deadline for the remix is the 8th December...

For a limited time we have 200 CD's to offer at a discounted price of only £4.99 plus postage, send us an email quoting DISCMAIL2 and help to maintain a steady flow of awesome music directly to you.

*For Booking Info:
phonix.records AT gmail.com
angad AT phonix-records.com

*More Info:
www.phonix-records.com (under construction)

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