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Lyctum-Catalyzer E.P.-Out now !!!(iono-music)

Artist: Lyctum
Title: Catalyzer E.P.
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 17.01.2012


People use different kinds of Catalyzers in order to reach happiness,
or at least a moment of good mood. Alcohol, illegal substances, sex,
shopping, and many other techniques to induce positive feelings of
ecstasy. The main problem using those things is the dependency
you have in money or other people to be able to obtain them.
Sometimes we tend to forget that the most available, effective
and easy to purchase substance is underneath our nose –
good music.

Dejan Jovanovic, also known as Lyctum, from Belgrade, Serbia,
had reached this realization a long time ago, since he first started
to create music, around 7 years ago. In his musical career he toyed
with another alias named Prospect, which turned to the more
Full-Onish realms, but after a few years he reached his nirvana
in Progressive Psytrance. In a special edition for the New Year,
he joins forces with Iono Music to create a Catalyzer which will
give you the proper substance to begin the year with!

We decided to skip the foreplay and go straight to the Catalyzer
itself; after all, a new year requires heavy artillery. With pounding
beats we inject the ingredient into your veins, the results are
immediately recognizable. Your Impulse to dance, jump around
and smile, until every muscle in your mouth starts to hurt, will
occur spontaneously, without any ability to resist. The end of
this momentary trip, is Lyctum's version of Aqualize's Land of
2 Suns, because if there is anything we learned from all this,
is that good music is all around us, sometimes we create it
and sometimes we reshape it. All you have to do is reach
out and touch the music.


01. Lyctum - Catalyzer
02. Lyctum - Impulse
03. Aqualize - Land Of 2 Suns (Lyctum Remix)




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