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Inner State Album - Terraforma - Out now !!! (Iono Music)

Artist:Inner State
Title: Terraforma
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 28.01.2011

Inner State is the project by Marios Karakasidis from Thessaloniki, Greece.

After releasing a remarkable number of tracks on various compilations and EPs
with numerous labels, he is now demonstrating his own musical class with an
outstanding debut album which comes to you as a pure immersion into gentle
and drifting sounds, hypnotic progressive grooves, always at the edge of psychedelic.

'Terraforma' will mark its time with a perfect combination of Marios excellent musical skills
and his technically mature and well-engineered production work. You will listen to 9 strong
tracks; melodic, astoundingly composed, showing hypnotic basslines, a fusion of gentleness
and strengh bleding into leading acid themes. The result is melodic yet very positive,
confirming his greece backround without accepting any compromise to his personal claim as
an impassioned artist to express freedom in creativity and uniqueness as well as his personal
idea of how progressive psytrance of today should sound. Therefor he basically resigned to
those emotional and melodic elements, the greece trance sound is well known for.

Without any doubt will this masterpiece of electronic dance music be counted as one of the
highlights of this genre in 2011. We are proud to announce such a topnotch release which
will be hard to ignore and which is a must have for every progressive dj.

Don`t miss it!


01. Inner State - Element 5
02. Inner State - Outer Spiral
03. Inner State - Inconsistent Sequence
04. Inner State - Cries and Whispers
05. Inner State - Technical Terms
06. Inner State - Memory Status
07. Inner State - Backswitch
08. Inner State - Terraforma
09. Inner State - End Game


28.01.2011 | gerrard | Promotional