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Funky Dragon - Inflame E.P. - Out now in Iono Shop !!!

Artist:Funky Dragon
Title: Inflame E.P.
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 19.11.2010

Funky Dragon - Inflame E.P.

This is the new blasting EP by one of our labels most demanded artists
Igor Cucolic, better known as Funky Dragon. Born in Serbia 1977, Igor lives and produces in Vienna-Austria since year 2000. He has already released several single tracks on almost every major trance label and his two album works 'The Algol' (Synergetic) and 'Massive' haven been two huge successes in the international community.

His last EP 'Puls of Life' was one of the most successfull releases in IONO Music. Next to countless live gigs around Europe, Funky Dragon has spent much time with working out his skills for a clean studio production in the last months and finally he has again refreshed his musical style into a more straight and pressing trance sound, which will be most effective on open air floor as well as on sweaty club floors. So, you will listen to a mindblowing collection of three deep and energetic progressive bombs, each of them made for courting you to stand up and move, but without forgetting to spoil your temper with warmness at the right time.


01. Funky Dragon - Inflame
02. Funky Dragon & Djane Betty - Walkin in Circles
03. Funky Dragon & Djane Betty - Sylon


19.11.2010 | gerrard | Promotional