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Footprints 3 - Parvati Records Digital EP

FOOTPRINTS 3 - Parvati Records - OUT NOW..!

The time is up! The new digital EP is out.

This is the 3th EP in the Footprints series, and this time it features both old and new artists.

So Parvati Records is happy to present the 4 tracks of the new EP:

Archaic - Mushroom Power
Wr. & Pr. By Kostas Kanlis, Greece

Farebi Jalebi - Lord Of Small Matters
Wr. & Pr. By Adip Butalia, India

Magnolia - Bubble Tea
Wr. & Pr. Papiyan & Mussy Moody, Denmark

Petran – Asonic
Wr. & Pr. By Oetran, Greece

So head over to our homepage to take a listen to the new EP – Footprints 3.


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13.05.2013 | Parvati Records | Promotional