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EP - Voices of The Aztecs by CREATRIX @ Recrystallize Rec.

EP - Voices of The Aztecs - CREATRIX  [Digital EP] RR1EPD009 / 07/12/2011  ( Full On Psychedelic )
The non introduction Brazilian and Portuguese duo Creatrix brings us The voices of the aztecs EP 
Inspired by the deeply involved and intricate Aztecs dance rituals.
Full of power tribal trough goa melodic progressive Creatrix style
Featuring a brilliant voice  collaboration with brazilian writer " Elisio Brasileiro " the track  " Natureza"  a perfect blend of sun dance magic driving to the acid Trancegate  and Take My Time.

Thanks: Elisio Brasileiro, Daniel Oliva, Paulo Freitas.

Track list

01.Voices of The Aztecs - 145BPM
02.Natureza - 145BPM
03.Trancegate - 145BPM
04.Take My Time - 145BPM 

EP by CREATRIX - Voices of The Aztecs

Label: Recrystallize Records
Format: DIGITAL 
Release Date:07/12/2011 
Genre: Full On Psychedelic
Catalogue Number:  RR1EPD009


29.12.2011 | Recrystallize | Promotional

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SUPER HAPPY 2012 OUT NOW! on ITunes Voices of the Aztecs by CREATRIX @ Recrystallize Records
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