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E-Clip-Press Hold E.P.-Out now !!!(iono-music)

Artist: E-Clip
Title: Press Hold E.P.
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 15.11.2011


There are some moments that are amazing, they are so incredible we would like
to find an imaginary Press Hold button, in order to make them last forever.
Unfortunately time is not acting upon our command, and we have to take each
moment as it is. However, listening to music which brings us to these unique
moments of bliss, can be controlled. So we would totally understand if you will
put the new EP - Press Hold from E-Clip, on repeat.

E-Clip, aka Marko Radovanovic, is visiting the Iono Music realms, to share a gem
from his arsenal. Radovanovic, originates from Belgrade, and despite his young
age, 25, he has been creating Psychedelic Trance for almost 10 years now.
His instant infatuation with Psytrance has drawn him to be a part of this new
world that was revealed to him.

After a year of on and off boiling and stirring the tracks, it was time to set
them free. Press Hold is more Progressive orientated, and yet the rhythm
and pace makes us forget these rigid definitions and just flow. This float is
a gradual preparation for what comes ahead. Salvia Divinorum is a long journey
that represents the harder, more powerful side of E-Clip. This new hybrid of
Progressive and Psychedelic is bound to capture your ear, and probably leave
an invisible mark that will reappear every time you will search for escapism from


1. Press Hold
2. Salvia Divinorum



15.11.2011 | gerrard | Promotional