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[COSM008CD] V.A. - Boulevard of Broken Drums

After another longer period of silence from our side we are beaming back with great news from our cosm records headquarter - we have had a fruitful time and are glad to announce our next big strike. Your patient waiting for our announced psybreaks ep has not been in vain, but we have turned the ep into a fully fledged psybreaks CD compilation:

V.A. - Boulevard of Broken Drums
… a sonic rollercoaster ride through epic psybreaks and trippy trancefunk [COSM008CD] • OUT NOW: on CD & digital download

We have gathered the core of our cosm crew together to weave their sonic magic and furthermore opened the heavy doors of our vault to give some of our previously released gems the fresh slice and dice of psybreaks. Drawing from the whole spectrum of psychedelic dance and beyond - Boulevard of Broken Drums features a futuristic fusion of banging psybreaks, spicy trancefunk and quirky dubstep - while staying true to the colorfully atmospheric cosm records trademark sound.

Opened with Electric Sheep's epic trippy-disco breaks of "Futureshock" and Metabreed's hypnotic acidwobbler "God Computer", the rollercoaster is going steep with Paraphone's "Psychedelic Embassy" and Metabreed's epic psytrance classic "Karmaceutica" - both given the psybreaks treatment from cosm powerhouses Electric Sheep.
The centrifugal force of Metabreed delivers an acid-rave monster of a remix of Digipack's "Electronic Outlaw Underground" and the transcendental tripletfunk re-interpretation of 6th Floor's glitchtrance breaktrancer "Dawn Of A New Error". Gathering further momentum, Digipack's massive psybreaks trancefunker "Bleepwalker" is contrasted with the bleepy fluff of Audiotope's "Spinning" sugar candy psy. Landing with Hermetica's chillstep wobbler "Every God Has His Day" - Boulevard of Broken Drums … a sonic rollercoaster ride through epic psybreaks and trippy trancefunk" [COSM008CD] is a cosmicpsyfunkbreaktrancestep extravaganza at it's best.


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