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CATHAR - First Contact - Digital EP [Free-Spirit Records] Out 06.12.11

CATHAR - First Contact EP [Free-Spirit Records]

Track Listing

1) Solar Lifeforms
2) By Dawn's Early Light
3) A New Reality
4) Rise Of The Machines

Release date: 06.12.2011
Out on digital download from any good cyber-shop

Genre: Psy Trance
Cat No: FSR0024EP

Worldwide distribution by
INgrooves, San Franciso, CA - USA

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CATHAR - First Contact (Press Release)

Since the first time Cathar showcased their music it was clear something special was in the making. In a short space of time the duo managed to shape and perfect their unique sound - resulting in the upcoming release of their hard hitting debut EP on Free-Spirit Records.

Many years of crafting their skills in various styles of dance music has enabled them to deliver top class material for this EP and the following debut album, The Union. Their impact has already seen them build up a loyal fan base and we are sure this will grow explosively with this release.

This first EP will be released worldwide on 06-12-2011 and it will be available from all good download stores. Be a part of the future of psy-trance and grab yourself a copy!

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CATHAR is a brand new psychedelic music group formed by Steve Morley and Jessica B. Both have already enjoyed considerable success in their musical careers in various genres. Steve Morley has been a record producer and DJ since 1992, and is a classically trained pianist and composer. Steve has a discography containing in excess of 120 releases and countless remixes - on highly respected record labels. His love for Trance music saw him produce and play almost all sub genres, and his affection for psychedelic music stems from the time he discovered Goa trance in the mid 90’s. Jessica B started working as a producer and DJ in 2005 instantly receiving recognition and praise for her first releases, which gained massive Radio 1 support. During her career, Jessica discovered her love for psychedelic music and teamed up with Steve to form their new group. Since that moment they have been on a long creative journey together, shaping and fine tuning their sound while testing their new material on stage.

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07.11.2011 | Cathar | Promotional

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Cathar - 'First Contact' EP - 4th day at no.1 on Junodownload,

Cathar - 'First Contact' EP - 4th day at no.1 on Junodownload, no.2 on Trackitdown, psy charts! :)

Check out samples & grab yourself a copy here:


Obrázek uživatele Cathar

Cathar - First Contact EP - number one in the juno download

Cathar - First Contact EP - number one in the juno download chart!

To grab a copy follow this link:

http://www.junodownload.c... ... 860858-02/

Also - to find out more about Cathar - check this interview out:

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Great review - thanks Andy

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Grab yourself a copy now

Grab yourself a copy now here:



& catch us playing all tracks live at the launch party here:


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Out today!


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Check out this link for teasers of the tracks :)

Check out this link for teasers of the tracks :) http://soundcloud.com/cat...