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aGh0Ri TanTriK - Rakth Pipasu - OUT NOW!


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Sonic Tantra presents aGh0Ri TanTriK's 3rd Full length album titled "Rakth Pipasu".

The style for this album is psychedelic forest. With tempo's ranging from 156 bpm to 170 bpm its a groovy fast paced album.
Acid etched with dark melodies, loads of psychedelically synchronised patterns, funky percussions and a horror ambient approach towards progressively transcending into a fantastical land of a monster known as Rakth Pipasu.

Horror, Gothic, Forest, Comedy and Funk are the themes this album plays on.

We leave you now with the bloody thirsty Rakth Pipasu on ure @$$ and trust you will play with it in your own psychedelic manner..

PS - There are rumours it can probably be used to gain "Siddhis" or supernatural powers, the key is in ure hands!

Mastering by Antagon

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13.10.2010 | sonictantra | Promotional