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2015 Revolve magazine, download link: it’s all about SOUND

For those who didn’t get a paper copy or download it previously, still some amazing articles in the current edition of Revolve Magazine, it’s all about SOUND, so download it by clicking here:
You’ll understand another level of the intricacy of the universe we live in if you read or have already seen the film about Sonic Geometry. Explaining how the genesis of our material world might well have been created by sound spreading throughout the galaxy. The links between sacred geometry and the perfect chords that create those geometries.

Also if you love psytrance read more detail about how it spread from Goa, its early history and an interview with Youth, a very interesting musician with Killing Joke and Paul McCartney and producer of Pink Floyd etc.

About 70’s psychedelic troubadour Daevid Allen, founder of Gong written by this good friend and band member Steve Hillage.

About 60’s psychedelic legend ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins, who set up the UFO Club where The Pink Floyd first played in the UK, who helped spread psychedelic culture in the 60s in the UK and around the world with scene bible IT (International Times).

About current psychedelic musicians like Ovnimoon, Dick Trevor, labels like WildThings and graphic artists like Cameron Gray, the creator of this magazine’s and PDF’s cover.

About how to heal yourself or others using Sound. Crystal bowl sound healing, use of mantras, use of the power of the Gong.

Features: Sonic Geometry / Gong: Daevid Allen / Hoppy 60s pioneer / Microtuning your music /
Antaris / Solar United Natives Festival / Revolve's favourite artists / Help Revolve evolve / Acoustic Amplification /
Sound healing / Mantra power / Crystal bowl healing / Gongmaster / Memories of free festival /
PDF only: Awaken crystal archetype
Interviews: Youth / Ovnimoon / Wild Things records (beardy) / Dickster / Cameron Gray

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