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Report From Psylobit Party Liberec

let me give you a little inside information about ... psylobit party

mutto: _mutation, it is the key to our evolution...but every few hundered milenia, evolution leaps form..._

well, we geathered again, and this time in full power! :-)
one may say that the main reason was the taken away cyberspace.cz /thank god it is/... but
of course we met on purpose to see each other, dance and after course fill the liberec natural spring water with psilo_psy_bited energy from our forms :), which was created by us, the swarm=roj of psyfreaks / not only from czechy /, local st/u/aff, l_b_clubers, anna kurnikovova, swimmers :-(, public transportation crew, and many others, u.f.o.s and sultans :) ...

when pepewe arrived, stage was almost finished, but there was still too much sunlight there...
oki... let´s put up some more decos, uv tubes and shotguns and shot_spot_shock_ligths for later time... :-)
_and do not forget the mirrorball /rumba koule musí bejt/ and animations into the trees!_ plexiglass=plexisklo says :)

uff, well done... lets go to the chill out for some smoke and tea :-) also well done :-)
just looking down to the uved stage with dj xenon starting the ligth_up :) just relax a little
bit, listen whats up there and there, while hearing omnipresent bureshak laughter :))) they gave you what? :-)))

tranceman is saying to me _we should go warm_up the stage, don´t you think?_ ...off we go... :-)
following him ... and suddenly following following set, brought to you by dj sekas, from my
recent psy_trance mecca called scandina_via taking it smoothly via_minimal __ yeah people dancin´ for trilo_psilo_bito brekeke! gdo je tam ? = who is ...? :)))

and now let´s see_hear dj_rew_e :-) full on ! can´t miss it...1400ft still looking very good... followed by the captain of a ship, called television brings the vision of the slowly screwdriven stuffy set, pumping us up to the mind distortion towards the end of the set, ...my mummy always said that there are no monsters, no real ones, but there are... , and finaly ending up smoothly ... :-) well few people were a little bit shaking after this experi_mental_massacre muhehe only you can kill tha brain :-) dobrý je to = it is good to be...

there we go on with shanti tribe world, full of crystals, chemical formulas, higher or lower
forms of alians, people, viruses, warms, trees, plants, elfs, trains, insects, mutations, planets, worlds, world... hope you did not miss their deco !!! :-) it seems to me, there some kind of power, insight :-) and the set of dejan with alizard aswell __ good experiance_mental at the beginning, flowed by full on, full of pumped up /sometimes to much known/ tracks... i would say a second bit of a peak of the night! at the end you had to wait for the sun, though, which brought people a little bit off course... :-( __ )-: dobrý je to = it is good to be...

cymoon was also very much eager to play once again, probably even more than djtv / you may have heared about their participation_notparticipation at the free spirit festival in croatia :-((( / __well cym mixed perfect morning stuff :-), it sounded like cym had finaly opened his mind and forgot to play i´m tha master_massox_hardcore :-)))
let´s here some more cym_sun_soon again, please ... beatiful morning, with full stage of freakz, getting suntan, feeling the energy, playing around, smiling, smiling, smiling as at the sun... :o)

and finaly geathering on the grass, drinking beer_limo_micro_atmo_sound_bubbeling was just perfect :-) pivo_swimin´, pirots, anna kurnikovova, jumps into ice cold water towards the stairs, which is really clever :))), water chute = skluzavka :-), sleep_nosleep, sky, airplain_clouds, minds, thoughts, look at the color... etc. ... etc. ... etc. ...

let me say again: big big big thanx to everyone who was there and big big respect to perplex plexisklo=plexiglass !!! :-) hope to see you at the parties like this_one once again, soon :-)

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