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px Solaris - Interview s Gavrilou

Bom bolenat, it will soon be nearly a year we havent seen you here, whats new ?

G: Everything is new, life never stops, my kids are growing fast as well as my music case. Recently,I played at the party in Japan with quite a big success, also went to Ukraine - ...ultra nice, fullkickin’ in SanPeters and Moscow, missed my Goa-season, broke a couple of ribs while snowboarding in Russia... Loads of new friends, projects, forthcoming double CD album. Have completed building my own sound system 5 kkw rig. Planning a tour to European techno-trance festivals like Voov, Boom etc.. Probably the newest thing for me is my new state of mind, which used to be altered for some last 15 years, I’ve totaly stopped drinking and smoking, taking drugs, eating meat. Keeping strict easter fast. You believe that?!

What are your reminders of the first time you played in Prague ? I think this was in December 2000...
G: Prague ? Absinth and beer and homegrown..., of course. But seriously, hospitality, friendly atmosphere, enthusiasm on a dancefloor, Milan’s car and GOOD FOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where, have you travelled over the past year and what new findings have you made ?
G:See upstairs

You seem to be one of those people that used to be experiencing a phenomenon of Goa in India from the early beginnings. Very few Czechs have ever made it there but it is widely accepted opinion that the spirit of this place is gone. What is your view on that ?
Early beginnings actually started long before I saw this world, people tend to speak of "GREAT EARLY TIMES", so it completely depends on you, wheter you like it there or not. Spirit is still all around in the air, and hippies and fun on the dancefloor. Come and check it out yourself.

By now, you are already a double father. How does that feel and what are the principles of life you are passing over in bringing up your sons ?
I am trying to regard them as my best mates and never doing anything that I didn’t like in my parent’s behavior upon me. PLUS good music education, and surely take them along around places, see the world with wide opened eyes, no lies and a lot, LOT of laughter.

What do you think of the development in psychedelic and goa sound in the past two years and what projects have recently hit your mind ?

G: Last year was pretty much a break through, but current one is still hanging in the air. No one is really up on my mind now (among the artists), some Russian projects accelerate forward fast.

What is new on the Russian scene, any new talents ? What promoter makes its sincere best there now ?
A lot of new young names, Psy-factor, Sun-girl, Neogen, Sadius. Promotion groups Sun-Trance, Good Food, Special people are among the best today, all this can be observed on the following webs: www.goa.ru, www.plazma.ru , www.newmusic.ru , etc... These people made great parties with such artists as Scazi, Wizzy Noise, Talamasca etc...

What plans do you have for the near and for the far future ?

Double CD mix album release, straight after Prague I’ll hit my way to Himalayas, then to Italy to techno-punk traveller parties, then Piter’s white nights and Europe again. But the most pleasing that I’ll have the opportunity to warm up and snorkle in the Red sea of Egypt in the middle of our terrible wet and cold Russian spring. I’m looking forward to playing in Prague and Slovakia again, and hit your dancefloor with the most kicking tunes. Bom Shankar plur Gavrila

29.04.2002 | perplex | novinky