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Liquid Crystal Vision

Omananda announces the international release of
Liquid Crystal Vision!

San Francisco, California @ January 01 / 2002: Liquid Crystal
Vision is released on the World Wide Web on DVD & VHS!

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In a time where enlightening media is very much required,
filmmakers Billy Rood and Torsten Klimmer have created a revolutionary
documentary that is cutting edge in its approach to both: reality, and
digital art.

The incredible storyline created itself in an effortless
devotional dream of the filmmakers that worked like maniacs for over
two years to produce this true masterpiece.
The digital collage of channeled interviews, 3-D computer
animation, psychedelic sounds, and visual interludes weave the multifaceted
landscape of Liquid Crystal Vision.Watching the film
triggers a certain psychological response that unchains deep inner
truths. Its hallucinatory sights and sounds catapult viewers
into cosmic spheres.

This 60 minute wake-up call to the world reaches the public as a global
peace prayer, suggesting to dance in trance parties and the right to
get high as alternatives to war and global domination. The film enchants
the audience with the mystical beauty Liquid Crystal Vision conveys.

The film was made without financial support of major media companies.
Many resources were pulled to manifest this masterpiece. Fully edited
digital and shot in 3-chip technology, the production maintained a professional
character that matches all requirements for Television. The audio format
is 48 KHZ, 16-bit Stereo, and Dolby 5.1 Surround on DVD! The prime video
format is NTSC and the master came out of the AVID. The digital art
preserved its original character that speaks for itself.
All creative processes are finished. Music @ and
theatrical rights are cleared. The film will be submitted into film
festivals in the years 2002 and 2003.

Find out more about the making of the film, or watch it online at: http://www.liquidcrystalvision.com,
where you can also purchase a DVD copy in full quality with surround

Sincerely, Omananda.

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