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Voices EP by FLIPTALK on Atoms Records Out Now!

Out Now Voices EP by FLIPTALK on Atoms Records
Israelian Matan Cohen aka "Flip Talk"delivers his first official mix Voices EP on Atoms Records. This brand New out of the box project brings you the best of musical vibes. "FlipTalk" , which comes from Flipping the usual talk of music. With a long successful electronic music background Matan aka Noiact from the Hightech psytrance world,overcame his boundaries & started a progressive trance project full of texture purely on its audio merits. Voices EP is an unexceptional progressive mix showcasing artistic recall to many influences between the beats, and flow featuring vocal shuffles. Power and movement all at the same time.
Track list: 
02.Love Me
Label: Atoms Records 
Format: DIGITAL 
Release Date: 07/06/2012 beatport 02/08/2012 all shops 
Genre: Progressive Trance 
Catalogue Number: AT1EPD003
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Web Site: www.atomsrecords.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Atomsrec

18.06.2012 | AtomsRecords | Promotional