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VA The Voyage (Damaru Records/DAMCD004) is comin soon

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1 Mark Day - Shanti Power 147 bpm
2 Claw – Different Planet 148 bpm
3 Paranoize & Conxion – The Rush 148 bpm
4 Cymazz & Ectogasmics – Myrmidons 154 bpm
5 Ataro - The New Revolution 154 bpm
6 Digitalist'n Abudun – Stoney Walking 157 bpm
7 Sator Arepo - Moro Mou 156 bpm
8 Antagon & Ignis – Psychiatric Terms 166 bpm
9 Kasatka & Antagon – Abstract Construction 170 bpm
10 Sushupti - Maestro Melancólico 170bpm

The Voyage is the 4th release and 3rd compilation from Damaru Records compiled by Ignis & Mitra. The compilation takes you on a long, intriguing, journey through the deepest darkest areas of the psyche. Strong deep basslines and fine tuned leads combine with awe inspiring atmosphere to take the listener on a journey that will most definitely not be forgotten. The compilation features all of Damaru’s experienced resident artists and some new friends working together faultlessly create a seamless, articulate production that highlights the fact that Damaru are a force to be reckoned with in the realm of night psychedelic trance.

Compiled by Ignis & Mitra
Mastering : Antagon
Artwork : Simon Bach

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28.02.2012 | damaru records | Promotional