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VA - Sunday Morning Cartoons / Mind-Expansion Music

VA "Sunday Morning Cartoons” :

Artist : Various Artists
Title : "Sunday Morning Cartoons”
Compiled by : Axis Mundi http://www.myspace.com/ps...
Coverdesign : by Ayalien http://ayalien.deviantart...
Genere : deep psychedelic trance
Format : Audio CD Digi Pack
Length : 78:33 min.
Mastering : by xaBBu @ Otherland Soundlabs ( Berlin )
Label : Mind-Expansion / www.mind-expansion.net
Releasedate : August 2010
Release-ID : MECD003
Barcode : 9366977746954
Distributor : Saiko Sounds / http://www.saikosounds.com


01.FaceHead - bad trip 06:39min. 150bpm
02.Sectio Aurea - matemagika 12:00min. 156bpm
03.Somadelic - evolution 06:38min. 157bpm
04.Mubali - full frontal nerdity 07:13min. 152bpm
05.Unwashed Tomato - wood court 09:42min. 156bpm
06.Jesus Raves - Yoda is pissing on EU 06:14min. 160bpm
07.Toxic Anger Syndrom - pizza pie 08:20min. 158bpm
08.Khaos Sektor - xama tutsi 06:16min. 160bpm
09.Dark Whisper - sunday morning cartoon 09:07min. 169bpm
10.Zero Blade - cosmic anomaly 07:04min. 170bpm


78:33 min.

01.FaceHead - bad trip 150bpm
written & produced by Chuck Looper ( USA )

02.Sectio Aurea - matemagika 156bpm
written & produced by Marina & Chris ( Switzerland )

03.Somadelic - evolution 157bpm
written & produced by Jeremy Robinson ( Germany )

04.Mubali - full frontal nerdity 152bpm
written & produced by Gregory Farley ( USA )

05.Unwashed Tomato - wood court 156bpm
written & produced by Andy Aylward & David Mostoller ( USA )

06.Jesus Raves - Yoda is pissing on EU 160bpm
written & produced by Gladovic Zdravko ( Serbia )

07.Toxic Anger Syndrom - pizza pie 158bpm
written & produced by Jonas Hellqvist ( Sweden )

08.Khaos Sektor - xama tutsi 160bpm
written & produced by Miguel Muchagata ( Portugal ) 2009

09.Dark Whisper - sunday morning cartoon 169bpm
written & produced by Manuel Bellini ( Germany ) 2009

10.Zero Blade - cosmic anomaly 170bpm
written & produced by Kristiyan Karev ( Bulgaria )


Release date: 04.08.2010

Mind-Expansion Music & Axis Mundi present:

V/A - "Sunday Morning Cartoons"

It's Sunday morning, just after a particularly mind-bending weekend-long party. Sleep last night was still out of the question,
and your reality still feels like a broken stained-glass window slowly mending itself back together. Thick bassbeats still chug along between your ears,
like a train with oval-shaped wheels. A comfortable bowl of cereal, a fresh pair of pajamas,
and a left-handed cigarette accompany you as you curl up in your favorite sofa or chair as you attempt to unwind to your favorite child- and adulthood animations.

"Sunday Morning Cartoons" is a concept compilation, blending kiddish humor with heavy beats, twisted sounds,
and oddly familiar effects and voices twisted more than a tad awry.

I wish to thank all of the musicians, audio engineers, visual artists, and general supporters for their efforts into making this a grassroots compilation where pretentiousness and ego
have been discarded in favor of a focus on experimentalism, creativity, artistry, and a general love of the music.

These ten tracks showcase an awesome worldwide range of both well-established and up-and-coming talent, whose sounds range from acid trance to dark psychedelic,
from minimal and atmospheric to funky and twisted to relentless and in-your-face. I feel there is a bit on here for everyone to enjoy.
Once again, thank you everyone for your support.

For FULL RELEASE INFORMATION as well as where to buy or download please SEE : http://www.mind-expansion...

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