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V.A. Stand up against Gravity - Out now !!!(Iono- Music)

Artist: Various Artists
Title: V.A. Stand up against Gravity - Compiled by Klopfgeister
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 12.07.2011

For billions of years gravity ruled the planet and kept people down to earth. Now is the time for a change!!

Stand up against Gravity is the first compilation release from Thorsten Paul, better known as Hamburg based
trance oldstager Klopfgeister. Thorsten has carefully selected nine previously unreleased floorfillers for your
pleasure. Full of brand new and exclusive material from the world of progressive trance, this compilation' brings
you a great selection of progressive beats, covering the wide range of today's scene and trends, represented
by international top artists. By contributing his own productions like a fresh Klopfgeister tune and a fantastic
track by his new project Clubgeister, he compiled a perfect collection for this festival high-season.

He released his debut album 'Sweet Compromise' in 2005. Since then, he is constantly touring the world,
performing in massive parties and international festivals, promoting his unique sound and style. His very
successful album works 'Sunflavoured' (2006) and 'Travel Diaries' (2007) have been released at IONO Music
and still enjoy a great popularity. All album works have been sold out and due to a continuing demand
'Travel Diaries' has been reissued in 2011. Along the way Klopfgeister produced some smashing single tracks
for several compilations next to uncounted remixes for big names of the scene, released at leading labels of
progressive trance.

Filled with pure offbeat pressure as well as deep pushing basslines and warm melodies this compilation will
overcome all forces of gravity - to be experienced on all progressive floors on international trance gatherings.

So stand up people!! Stand up against gravity!!!


01. Clubgeister - Jeff Vader
02. EgoRythmia - Dark Ages
03. Twice - Chapter One
04. Klopfgeister - Heavy new Beer
05. Klopfgeister - Good bye Goa (Jiser Remix)
06. Midimal - Clone Baby
07. Klopfgeister - Dirty Santa (Elecdruids Remix)
08. Klopfgeister - Good bye Goa (Suduaya Remix)
09. BeatBastardS - Apollo


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