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VA - Primordial Distortions - PSYNON RECORDS

Primordial Distortions is the debut compilation from Psynon Records, a label based in London, UK. The tracks included are a showcase of their artists and an introduction to the sounds of Psynon.

Compiled by label owners and DJs Whichdoctor and Jibba, this release features handpicked tracks from label artists Harmonic Rebel (Andreas Markitanis), Nomad 25 (Haris Demetriou), Seti (Fedro Marques) and Isochronic (a collaboration between Harmonic Rebel and Nomad 25). The compilation consists of eight underground thumping psytrance tracks ranging from night-time to early morning styles, all with their own unique frequencies and bass lines.

Tried and tested on dance floors in the UK and internationally with plenty of feedback, Primordial Distortions is the start of a new journey for Psynon Records and is guaranteed to blast!

Mastered by Centauro at Madeira Studios with cover artwork by Andy Thomas.

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03.10.2011 | Psynon Records | Promotional