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VA - Dancing in the Desert (Sonic Tantra Recs, FREE RELEASE - 2013 - Download)

Sonic Tantra continues to revive old powers and spawn new ones at the same, going ahead and continuing it's holy ego slaughter and mind control activities right into 2013

We first had [url=http://www.sonictantra.com/va---rest-in-pieces.html]Rest in Pieces[/url] [i](extreme kundalini hacking[/i]), then the [url=http://www.sonictantra.com/cosmogenezis.html]Cosmogenezis[/url] ([i]Rebirths & space launch of little naughty future shamans[/i]) , culminating into [url=http://www.sonictantra.com/sonic-shamans.html]Sonic Shamans[/url] ([i]Mastery of Brahmic Forces[/i]) resulting in the karmic recycle and junking of existing dirty DNA structures in [url=http://www.sonictantra.com/va---the-last-point-2012.html]the Last Point[/url], we now give you a first hand experience of the very essence of the Mahyem with Dancing in the Desert

Dancing in the Desert, is what happened after The Last Point so to speak..the last point was hard, but something down there, was still alive, and it is dancing now...

A world laying destroyed by Cosmic forces, undergoing a powerful ritual of the undead dancing to engineer the birth of the future species who will carry on the destiny of the Skeletal kind.

Visions of extremely detailed organic structures are hallucinated in extreme detail so as to encode the very path these new structures will take to continue the expansion of the universal forces in the direction of extreme pleasures, to fulfil lost desires, to live and to survive, they danced in the desert..


01. Bizzare Frequency - Huchol Dance (148 BPM)
02. Sefirot - The Puppeter (149 BPM)
03. Overdream - Liquid Dots [Faxi Nadu vs Manny Zagri remix] (149 BPM)
04. Hishiryo vs. K-Lapso - Neocrulest [Hishiryos Edit] (150BPM)
05. Aghori Tantrik - Lonely Desert Knights (153 BPM)
06. Cyberbaba - Cyber Phantom Technique(160 BPM)
07. Dekhat Bhuli - Party Therapy (154 BPM)
08. Dark Element - Murder Instinct [Intekshine Remix] (155 BPM)
09. Yata Garasu - The Kid (160BPM)
10. Zamurah - Burnt Wire (160BPM)
11. Elepsy - Any key (160BPM)
12. Morbus - Neural Conflict (160BPM)
13. Agressive Mood vs Brains & Bones - Agressive Bones (165 BPM)
14. Mirages - T Virus (165 BPM)
15. Killer Hurtz vs Gen-Ohm - Look da Glook (170 BPM)
16. Plastic & Cosmic Iron - Super Sergio (170 BPM)
17. Sanathana - Mononokehime No Yume (170 BPM)
18. Cthulu meets Nahualnoise - Welcome to my World (173 BPM)
19. Murukhan & Eleusis - Pura Yerba (175 BPM)
20. Plasma Force - Mental Dynamite (180 BPM)
21. Qak-Bak-Zulu - Guerreros del Desierto Rojo (180 BPM)
22. Xtraterrestre - Dark Energy Space (170BPM)
23. Children of Chaos - Los Hijos Del Chaos (200 BPM)
24. Yoshua EM vs Brains & Bones - Addiction (195 BPM)

Additional Credits:
Mastering by Sefirot
Artwork by Sid

Copyright Sonic Tantra Recs 2013



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