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V.A. Beats Bluster Releasing On 25th May

V.A. Beats Bluster selected By Brain Driver Releasing On 25-5-2012

Profound Records presents you a long awaited compilation by a very well known French psytrance producer Sylvain aka Brain Driver Which is a collection of several musical trends, converging to make you travel, dance and mostly a never-ending party.
Va Beats Bluster is a massive collection Of 10 original tracks that includes the very best of psychedelic full on and night full on psytrance produced by the most prominent producers in the field of psytrance promising to deliever the perfect sound quality for a pleasant experience of psychedelic environment on the dancefloor.

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Tracklist :-

1/ Orca - Sonar
2/ Sidharta - Makes you Fly
3/ Neo Genetic - NSA
4/ Azerty (Brain Driver vs Biokinetix) - Pure Evil
5/ Magneto vs Artsense - Strange Behaviour
6/ Critical Mass - Expertimentum
7/ Alienn vs Brainwash vs Panayota - Massive Solutions
8/ Remove - Hallucination
9/ Wired - System shock
10/ Shehoor - Provoked

Mastering by: Audiocrafting aka Sidhartha
Artwork by: Lotus

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