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VA - Analog Dreams - DATCD005 - DAT Records - Goa Trance

DAT Records is pleased to announce that the compilation is now ready and can be pre-ordered with no further waiting from the official DAT online shop:




1 Hallucinogen - LSD '93
2 Space Tribe - The Great Spirit (Original Mix)
3 Doof - We Are Free (Desk Mix)
4 Slinky Wizard - Funkus Munkus (Original Mix)
5 Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Ring Of Fire (Extended Mix)
6 Total Eclipse - Free Lemonade (Live in Paris 1995)
7 Etnica - Full On (Original Mix)
8 Prana - Voyager 2
9 Nervasystem - Whirling Dervish (Kaleidoscope Mix)


Mastered by: Jaroslav Valo @ Analog Dimension
Audio Restoration by: Kyriakos Sunborn on tracks 4, 6 & 7
Artwork by: Shiva Om
Artwork Concept, Idea & Revision by: Federico Draeke

Official Release Date: 1st August 2014


We start with a twist on the most classic track ever: the first version of the iconic Hallucinogen work that would become the legendary LSD, the original track that was played in Goa in 1993 and which would lead to the trademark sound of Simon's later releases. Then we move to the amazing original mix of Space Tribe's The Great Spirit, an epic and spiritual track that is as powerful as it is beautiful. Things start to move deeper with the brooding and driving desk mix of the brilliant Doof track We Are Free.

Now that our gears are oiled and running, we can unleash the powerful energy of Slinky Wizard with the original first mix of Funkus Munkus that will get you grooving. We finally reach the apex with an extended mix of Green Nuns of the Revolution's monster tune Ring Of Fire. Prepare to hurtle through the cosmos, Space Cadets, because you *cannot* imagine how energizing and mind-blowing this track is - we were speechless when we heard it and are still on Cloud 9.

Then, even if you think it's not possible, we go even higher with this super-duper-hyperbolic live mix of Total Eclipse's Free Lemonade from a 1995 Paris performance. Please remember to be more careful from whom you accept free lemonade - there is no need for lemonade, as this track is enough for a magical trip ! And then we stabilize in hyperspace with the magnificent long, haunting original mix of Etnica's Full On, which appears for the first time ever fully unmixed on CD.

Now as we prepare to come back to Earth, we present you the groovy, beautifully refreshing, and extremely rare mix of Voyager 2 by Prana. We then close this splendid compilation with the spiritual and mystical downtempo kaleidoscope mix of Nervasystem's Whirling Dervish, a track that we loved the minute we heard it first.

To prepare this compilation was a long and complex process of detective work and discussion. I want to thank Mark Ainley for his help and dedication in this. We have been compiling and assembling something we are sure that you will enjoy for as many years as these tracks were hidden. And this is the first of a series of three compilations... All aboard and blast off!

Draeke & Mark

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