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Timeless - The Journey E.P. - Out now !!!(iono-music)

Artist: Timeless
Title: The Journey E.P.
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 30.08.2011

Israelis are known for their traditional 'After the army journey' to the east.
But now it's time for them to take you to a short Journey, the destination
is wherever your imagination takes you. So sit back and relax, and let Timeless
take you to a musical journey where there is no beginning or end, just a cycle
of music.

Timeless are Igal Yakubov, 24 years old from Tel Aviv and Tal Aouday ,
25 years old from Mishmar Hanegev. Both of them had separate projects
before they joined forces; Yakubov was Vocal Designer and Aouday was
Talisman. But then about a year ago, they met each other at SoundCloud
when Yakubov was hooked on one of Aouday's tracks and asked him if
he could make a remix for it. Like everything in life, nothing seems to be
coincidence and so this remix led to their Timeless project, which made
them leave their solo project and focus exclusively on their new joint venture.
They have released several releases and Run Away EP at their label Digital
Nature and now visit Iono for a Journey you won't forget.

Every 'Journey' begins with great enthusiasm, this EP is no exception.
With the exhilaration of going to unknown places, 'Journey' stamps
your passport and takes you to the Psychedelic borders. After you've
reached your destination you will feel the 'Freedom' vibrating in your
body and the butterflies jumping inside you will make you move in
ways you didn’t try before. It's only then that 'Night & Day' won't
matter anymore, because when Nitro-Drop are visiting this Journey
spicing it up with some Dub-Step then we can be sure the sky is the limit.


01. Timeless - The Journey
02. Timeless - Freedom
03. Timeless vs. NitroDrop - Night & Day



30.08.2011 | gerrard | Promotional