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Time in Motion-Energy-Out now !(iono-music)

Artist:Time in Motion
Title: Energy
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 16.06.2012


After two years of hard work, the danish brothers Thomas & Leslie Cowan,
a.k.a Time in Motion have finally released their debut album – Energy.
Since the beginning of their project, they have tried to create more than
one style of progressive trance, backed up with their musical experience
from throughout the years, which is something they wanted to continue
with on this album. One of the most important things in Time in Motion's
new creation, is to try and pick the tracks carefully, in order to enrich the
auditory trip to a wider collection of harmonic and melodic stories, which
will delight all tastes.

Like a growing tree in an empty space, music expands its roots deep in
every one of us. We were born with the wonderful gift of hearing, which
allows us to use our ears, to listen and enjoy music, with tones of melodies
and beats to follow. Music can fill up any empty space by creating an
energy of unique sound.

The title Energy was therefore chosen, because Thomas & Leslie believe
that there is a link between Trance music and energy. After all when you
go to a party, or sit at home and listen to Trance music, it creates an
energy inside the body and soul, full of vibrations and stories, to give
the listener good memories that can be remembered for the rest of his
or her life.

The album contains 9 tracks, which vary in feeling, tone and excitement,
while trying to explore the Progressive Trance realms of good Energy.

So be well prepared for the summer festivals and parties, or update your
stereo with some new pumping basslines and rhythmic melodies, by adding
this debut album from Time in Motion to your collection.

Through this Progressive journey, allow the music to flow into your body
and mind.


01. Time in Motion - Day Dream
02. Time in Motion - Genetic
03. Time in Motion - Energy
04. Time in Motion - Crawling Demons
05. Time in Motion - Dalai Lama
06. Time in Motion & Flexus - Unique Sound
07. Time in Motion - Dirty Ink
08. Invisible Reality - Visibility (Time in Motion Remix)
09. Time in Motion - Rainforest



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