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Summer 2013 Revolve Magazine and promo CD

The new Summer 2013 Revolve Magazine is now available.
This magazine is all about the personal changes we all, (myself included) need to make as the World shifts to a new Consciousness, that of the Divine Feminine which will return us and society back to natural balance.
Read it if that doesn’t make sense because it does when you read the various articles in the magazine.

Feature articles: The Divine Return of Venus / Reconnect with Nature and Love /
The next cycle of Life / Bring Back the Spirit / Trancing out in Asia: Thailand & Goa 2013 / Deconstruct the mindtrap

Psytrance artist Interviews with: Aphid Moon / A-Team / Alucidnation / Chris Rich&Occular / Kabayun / Harmonic Rebel / Delirium of Disorder / ConUnDrum /
Disintegrated Circuits and Module Virus / Digicult& U-Recken / Hypnocoustics /
Acid Prophecy.

Artist interview: The cover artist Andrew Gonzalez.

Label Features: Blue Hour Sounds / Dacru Records.

Summer Festival previews: Believe Festival / Antaris Festival / O.Z.O.R.A Festival /
Freedom Festival / Hadra Festival / Pearl Festival / Waveform Festival.

To buy the Summer promo CD + paper Revolve magazine go to

1) Chris Rich and Occular - Dark Side of The Hoon
2) Kabayun - Mastodon
3) Harmonic Rebel - Wisdom eye
4) Delirium Of Disorder - Fresh Soil
5) ConUnDrum - Law of attraction
6) Disintegrated Circuits & Module Virus - The Soggy
7) DigiCult vs U-Recken - The Optimist
8) Hypnocoustics - Turbinella Pyrum
9) Digicult_-_Awaken_The_Dream_(Acid_Prophecy_RMX)

Also available

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