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Static Movement-Talking About Love E.P.(iono-music)

Artist:Static Movement
Title: Talking About Love E.P.
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 13.03.2012


The past decade has raised much attention to feelings, and the way
that they are socially constructed. Do we really develop emotions and
a sense of feeling towards someone or something in the same way? Is
there a universal agreement about how a specific emotion should be
expressed, felt and received? People are Talking About Love, but how
do people interpret this word? Do we really choose who we love, or are
we affected by our parents, our friends, movies, books, colleagues,
advertisements and even special events like Valentine's Day, which
tell us how love should be? If love is so influenced by our environment,
is it like any other product or commodity we desire? And if so, what is
the price you are willing to pay?

Static Movement, aka Shahar Shtrikman, decided to start investigating
these questions by trying to stimulate your feelings and evaluate your
response. Shtrikman is a 27 years old Ukranian, who now resides in Israel.
He already began his research through the piano and then sound engineering,
and now built a special methodology for this EP, by starting slowly and
gradually becoming more and more powerful.

The experiment is titled Talking About Love, but in fact won't involve
much talking but will include Progressive Trance electro shocks that will
gradually penetrate the inner tissues through special electrodes to the
brain. The melodic touch will immediately have a combined sensation of
Impact, aka Andrey Panov, and a Fairy Tale, which was remodeled by
Solarix, aka Sahar Yona. Then some new vibrations started to Sykick
(Shlomi Mizrahi), they were forceful and intense, thus creating along
with Static Movement a huge Mystery. However, for the last stage of
the experiment Dohak, aka Michael Kartashev, decided to bring an
intervening instrument created by joined forces with Static Movement
and decided to code name it Spaceship. The results are stored in the
genetic code of this piece, and can only be open after full listening.


01. Static Movement - Talking about love
02. Static Movement vs. Impact - Fairy tale (Solarix Remix)
03. Static Movement vs. Sykick - Mystery
04. Static Movement vs. Dohak - Spaceship



13.03.2012 | gerrard | Promotional