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Spirit Base Festival 2011 “Stone Age” goes Green - Five days of Psytrance in Austria 1 – 5 June

Spirit Base, Austria’s biggest Psytrance festival from 1 – 5 June 2011 with more than 5,000 visitors last year goes green. From the former dusty quarry the festival moves after eight years to a lush forest in Ernstbrunn/Lower Austria near Vienna. More than 100 live acts and DJs from 20 countries will play on three stages. Projections, 3D visuals, decoration and two laser shows will be designed to the theme “Stone Age” – named after a Stone Age village built by a TV production on the location. The music selection will be a mixture of Progressive Trance, Full-on, Dark-Psy, Oldschool and Ambient. A big market area, Indian food and a complete infrastructure will be provided. Festival passes and more information you’ll get at http://www.spirit-base.at/


Dino Psaras (Chrome Angels) France
Rinkadink (Alchemie Rec) Uk.
Digital Talk (Hadra Records) France
Ananda Shake(Utopia Rec.) Israel
Ital (Antu Records.) Chile
Freakulizer (Alchemy Rec.) Swiss
Psilocybe Project (Namaha Rec.) Portugal
Bio Genesis (Nutek Rec.) Mexico
Naked Tourist (Parvati Rec.) Germany [parvati-records.com]
Alternative Control (Vision Quest) Serbia
Bamboo forest (Agitato Rec.) Spain
X Noize (Hommega Rec.) Israel
Perfect Stranger (Tribal Vision) Israel
U-Recken (Dooflex Rec.) Israel
Solarplexus (Psy Tribe) Guatemala
Orgonflow (Woodrom Records) Swiss
Dejavoo (Transient) UK.
K-Isuma (Virus Tekk) Germany
Khainz (Echos Rec.) Swiss
Kularis (Spintwist Rec.) Germany
We (iono music) Mexico live&dj
Audiomatic (Spintwist Rec) Germany
Aerospace (Digital Nature Rec.) Israel
Etic (Digital Nature Rec.) Israel
Symphonix (Blue Tunes Rec.) Germany
Protonica (Iono Music) Germany [facebook.com]
Klopfgeister (Iono Music) Germany
Motion Drive (Iono Music) Swiss
Time in Motion (Iono Music) Dänmark
Solano (Iono Music) Swiss
Egorythmia (Iono Music) Macedonija
Neelix (Spintwist Rec.) Germany
Feuerhake (Synergetic Rec) Germany
Krama (Spintwist Records) Greece
Philter (Spintwist Records) Germany
ilai (24/7 Rec.) IT
Crazy Fraggle (United Fraggles) Austria
Nono (Desser Vortex) Austria
Kajola (Zero Grafity Rec.) Austria
Materia (24/7 Rec.)
Klangmassage (RHF Soundlab) Austria


Alpha (interzone.pa) Germany
Shane Goby (Alchemie Rec.) Uk.
Arkadius & Li´l Momo (Planet B.E.N. Rec.)Germany
Iguana (Paravati Rec.) Germany [parvati-records.com]
Dj Pin (Mosaico rec.) Brasil
Dj P_Mac (ASBÖ-Gruppe 915) Portugal/Austria
Terranostra (Klangwerk) SUI
Mat Mushroom (Mushroom Magazin) Germany
Cubixx (Iono Music) Germany
Expanding Consciousness (Spirit Base Membran) Argentina
Murus (Iono Music) Germany
Bim (Millenium Rec.) Germany
Mullekular (Spintwist Rec) Germany
Max Grillo (Vagalume Rec) Brasil
V.Falabella (Spintwist Rec) Brasil
Philharmonica (Phil Locker & Monica Moë) Austria
Thor (YSE/Millennium Rec) Germany
Malex (Spirit-base) Austria
Micl (Spirit-Base) Austria [spirit-base.at]
Alezzaro (Progressive Selection) Austria
Riff Ruff (24/7 Rec.) Austria
Gobayashi (Astralzone) Austria [play.fm]
Djane Nicoletta (Plusquam Records) Austria [altarrec.com]
Tommes (Unisono) Austria [spirit-base.at]
Sun Experience (Soundlab Pirats) Austria
Iken (2to6 Rec/Knecht) Austria
Atma (Klangzircus) Austria [Spirit-Base.at]
Tapanov (Spirit-Base) Austria [spirit-base.at]
Goandi (Next Time Production) Austria [party]
Dejan (Shanti Tribe) Serbia
Caban (LebeLiebeLache) Austria
Fipsinger (Next Time Production) Austria [party]
Dreamdoctor (Cosmixed Society) Austria
Freakquelizer (Independent) Austria
Maya (Soundlab Pirates) Austria [facebook.com]
Mahodin ( Timetheatre) Austria
Psywolf (Paradies Festival) Austria [paradise-festival.at]
Djibril (Soundlab Pirates) Austria
Ro-Tama (Soundlabe Pirates) Austria
Nono (Desser Vortex) Austria
Kajola (Zero Grafity Rec.) Austria
Soth (2to6 Records / K.N.E.C.H.T.) Austria
Absolut (2to6 Records / K.N.E.C.H.T.) Sweden
Djane Nahimana (Psydive Rec) AUT
Psy Toni (Membran) Austria
Max Paradox (Zero Grafity Rec.) Austria
Szig Sag (Blitz Studios) Austria-Serbia
Taliesin (Phönix Production) Austria
Scheibosan (Kraak Records) Austria


Live Acts

ASURA (ultimae records) France [asura-music.com]
CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS (ultimae records) Sweden [carbonbasedlifeforms.net]
KUBA (chillcode records) England
TRIPSWITCH (sectioon records) England
ANCIENT CORE ( ) Romania [soundcloud.com]
KLANGRAUSCH (indpendent) Austria [weg-erbauer.com]
KARUNA (culturework) Austria [culturework.net]
COS OS (Klangbewusstsein) Austria [klangbewusstsein.at]
SOLARTRIBE (kaleidoskopie) Austria


AES DANA (ultimae records) France [ultimae.com]
TAJMAHAL (ultimae records) France [ultimae.com]
DJANE GABY (cosmicleaf records) Slovenia
NICOLETTA (cosmicleaf records) Austria
DON ZIGGY (peak records) Austria [donziggy.org]
OHRGASMUS (eargazm) Austria [play.fm]
MAHODIN (timetheatre) Austria
SIKANDA (independent) Austria
GOANDI ( ) Austria lt. Goran
MOTHERESA ( independent ) Austria
DREAMDOCTOR (cosmixedsociety) Austria
CABAN ( lebeliebelache ) Austria
COSMIC SADA SHIVA (deep space zoon) Austria mail
DAKINI ( ) Austria mail
ANDYSAN (deep space zoon) Austria [at.tf]
COS OS live (Klangbewusstsein) Austria mail
ERDVOGEL (waldlaufer records) Austria
MYTHZ thomas über manju
CYBORGS @ WORK ( powerplay ) Innsbruck [mixcloud.com]
NEBIA ( deep space zoon ) Austria

Chill out hostet by Gobayasi (Astralzone)

Deco by Calaquendi, Psypix, Mahodin, Spirit Base Crew and friends
Vjs El Geko, Der Lustige Astronaut, Buzz-T, Sikanda.
Laser Shows by Kularis and Live Lasersystems

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