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Sol - Seed O Life - Psychedelic & Festival Clothing

Sol - Seed O Life - Psychedelic & Festival Clothing

SOL – Seed of Life represents our personal view and message to both the world as a whole and to fans of psychedelia in particular.
Our clothes speak for themselves; just take a look at our new website, www.psytshirt.com.
We incorporate into our art a variety of spiritual motifs and ideas, including mandalas and sacred geometry. At SOL-Seed Of Life, it’s important that our products not only look good, but also mean something.

We offer our unique art on a variety of items, from T-shirts, dresses, and hoodies to an array of bags and cushion covers. All of our items are High Quality Silk Screen Printed and have UV Reactive Colors.Those who have an interest in our psychedelic art will find that there’s really an item for everyone.

Our goal is to help our customers break the mould and, through self-expression, re-shape it their own way. Happy, confident, and expressive customers are our goal. As our designs evolve, we are constantly updating our store. Don’t just take our word for it, though; check it out yourself at www.psytshirt.com !

We ship worldwide!

SOL- Seed Of Life

17.07.2015 | sol | Promotional