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Shyisma - Virus E.P. - Out now !!!(Iono-Music)

Artist: Shyisma
Title: Virus E.P.
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 19.04.2011

Shyisma is the progressive psytrance project by Diego Ferri (aka Shyine) and Elia Cantelli from Italy.
´The duo started their collaboration in the year 2000 and only a year later they have presented
their first live set in Italy.

During the last years, they have promoted also individual projects. Diego has produced psytrance
with his project “Astralish” before he moved to the more progressive side of this music in 2010
and with the project “Shyine” he had a sudden release at IONO MUSIC by presenting the EP
“LIVE A DREAM”. Diego also plays in a nu-metal band as Dj for audio effects. From 2002 Elia has
gained a leading role in Italian's trance scene, as party promotion organizer and dj und different
project names like “Mittag” or “Nibiro”.

Their project can be defined as a mixture of deep bass lines, strong percussive sequences,
soft pads and melodic synth leads. Discarding all musical rules and beliveing that the universe
is the limit, Diego and Elia will continue their journey through the everchanging world
of trance music.


01. Shyisma - Moment Away
02. Shyisma - Slot
03. Shyisma - Virus


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