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Reverse-Reverse E.P. out now!!!(iono-music)

Title: Reverse E.P.
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 01.05.2012


Our concept of time is socially constructed as linear. We divide it into past,
present and future. It's hard for us to imagine that we can leap from one period
to another, to skip, forward the parts which we do not like, and Reverse and
play on repeat the parts that we love. If we would be able to control our time,
would it make us happier, or stuck in an endless loop? Well, then at least make it
a good loop.

Marios Seraidaris from Greece has a dual identity under the names Progenitor and
Reverse. His background as a guitar player expanded his musical diversity and
enabled him to explore the deepest realms of sound engineering. In this EP you
can her his musical exploration, alongside variations of his music.

Our time travel begins with a Reverse turn towards a place which needs a proper
farewell. Klopfgeister, aka Thorsten Paul, decided he needs to say Good Bye Goa,
and through a Reverse treatment he was able to depart in the way he wanted.
Afterwards… or was it before? Progenitor wanted to ponder about Soundreflex
and had to Reverse his initial notions to figure it out properly. Then it seemed like
the End of the Line, but it was a 2 stages end; the first part was rearranged by
Time in Motion, aka Leslie & Thomas Cowan, which created a time warp that
sucked you inside. The other part was reorganized by Loopstep, aka George
Kopelakis, in order to stretch the feeling of the End of the Line, and make it
the never ending story.


01. Klopfgeister - Good bye Goa (Reverse Remix)
02. Progenitor - Soundreflex (Reverse Remix)
03. Reverse - End of Line (Time in Motion Remix)
04. Reverse - End of Line (Loopstep Remix)




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