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Protoactive - 7 Gates to Freedom E.P. - Out now !!!

Artist: Protoactive
Title: 7 Gates to Freedom E.P.
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 23.08.2010

IONO is having another look across the pond. Focussing on trancer's paradise No 1 Brazil, you will find a microcosmos of exceptionally gifted and unique artists, performing a very special and individual style. ProtoActive is one of those Brazilian whizz kids, who have made a name for themselves by bringing fresh ideas into trance music.

After fifteen releases on nameful local and international labels he already has a big influence on the remarkable movement of the Brazilian trance scene. With his first IONO EP '7 Gates To Freedom', he is presenting his passionate and elaborated music production, coming to you as a modern and unique style that perfectly combines today's technology of modern synths with the classical trance patterns of the oldschool, always keeping the relevant progressive essence alive.

Check it out:

Get it under: http://www.ionomusic.com/...

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