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Olotropo Records presents REBORN SOUL - THE AFTERLIFE NIGHT

Hello friends, I come to show them that work done on the other side of the sea with much love and affection.

The Afterlife Night is a fresh colection of unreleased tracks by Reborn Soul (Ilari Papa), Brasilian project founded in 2007 to produce a psychedelic freeform Trance. This release is a full expression bringing the psychedelic experience transferred intro music and provide a unique introspective moments and space vibes. Five songs bringing deep and mystic psychedelic sounds forms combined with heavy grooves and intelligent arrangements. Unleash your inner-freak... Olotropo Records. Artwork, Produce and Master By Ilarí Papá.


01 - The Afterlife
02 - Etinic Vision
03 - Harmonic Convergence
04 - Principio Ativo
05 - Wormhole

Label: Olotropo Recs.
Genre: Psychedelic ProgDark
Catalog: OLO002
Date: 2012-04-09


contact: dendronstudio@hotmail.com

01.05.2012 | Reborn Soul | Promotional