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MUTe featuring Shay Nassi-ON/OFF-RITMO REMIX

Artist: MUTe featuring Shay Nassi
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 01.11.2011

Modern life has brought progress in the human life, with the evolution of
technology and knowledge; we face multiple choices and options in our
everyday life. But at the end, it's always a question of yes or no, if it puts
you On or Off, every technological device depends on this equation. This
is exactly the reason why we don’t need a mathematic equation to know
if the new EP of the ON/OFF track by MUTe will work. Because when 3
lethal components get into one package it can only mean one thing – It's On!

On/Off is the name of the magnificent debut album of MUTe, aka Roy Sason
and Liran Ackerman, which was released in 2009, and also the name of one
of the best tracks from this album. The track is a joint venture of the MUTe's
and Shay Nassi, who is an Israeli electronic artist, who usually focuses on the
more Minimal/Experimental style. This unique combination can be heard
immediately when such a diverse source of influence accumulates into one track.
In the past 2 years since the album has been out, MUTe have been travelling
across the world spreading their magical spells, while releasing several ep's that
manifest their artistic evolution. It was only a question of time until another
extraordinary Israeli artist join the fun, at least for a one time hit…

Ritmo, aka Dubi Dagan, requires little introduction, unless you have been in a
different universe for the past 4 years or so. Rocking the Progressive Psytrance
realms for several of years now, Ritmo has revived new life into the genre with
his unique addictive sound. In this fresh EP, he redesigns the On/Off track of
MUTe and brings it to a different level, which perhaps calls for a new category
to be added – WOW. Ritmo doesn’t leave us many choices but to surrender
to the new adaptation of this already amazing track, and experience the bliss
of one really good option.


01. MUTe featuring Shay Nassi - On/OFF
02. MUTe featuring Shay Nassi - On/OFF (Ritmo Remix)


01.11.2011 | gerrard | Promotional