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Invisible Reality - Visibility Remix E.P. - Out now !!!

Artist:Invisible Reality
Title: Visibility Remix E.P.
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 31.12.2010

'Visibility' stands for one of the most expressive titles on Invisible Reality's
correspondent debut album which has been released at IONO in the last
year and which brought a fantastic response from trance lovers worldwide.
Shamil Abramov and Igor Sorin are always looking for new ways to demonstrate
how multifaceted and innovate the genre of progressive trance can be - without
adapting trends and influences to much. The uniqueness of this duo is based on
amanaties like Igor 's classical music education or Shamil's longtime experiences
from behind the decks.

A few weeks before IONO is going to present their 2nd album 'Parallel Fantasy'
which will come to you as one of the most surprising and interesting as well as
one of the most sophisticated releases in 2011, we present the Visibility Remix EP.
With this package you will get an amazing collection of different interpretations
by well known artists like Mindwave, Loopstep or Sinister Silence next to very
special versions by Space Hypnose, Static Movement and a actual remake of
Invisible Reality themselves.


01.Invisible Reality - Visibility (Sinister Silence Remix)
02.Invisible Reality - Visibility (Mindwave Remix)
03.Invisible Reality - Visibility (Static Movement Remix)
04.Invisible Reality - Visibility 2010 Remake
05.Invisible Reality - Visibility (Loopstep Remix)
06.Invisible Reality - Simplicity (Space Hypnose Remix)


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