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Invisible Reality-Doors of Soul E.P.-Out now!!!(iono-music)

Artist:Invisible Reality
Title: Doors of Soul E.P.
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 24.01.2012


In the old days, when you wanted to open a door you needed a key.
Each door would normally have only one key that fits, and only this key
could reveal what's behind it. However, these days we do not need to
cling on physical objects to help us open doors, especially when it comes
to the Doors of Soul.

Invisible Reality, aka Abramov Shamil and Sorin Igor, from Israel, decided
to open the doors of your soul, with their music. However the key that
they have developed, is suitable for different kinds of doors, and is in
fact morphing and changing constantly. In this particular EP, they have
used a different strategy to form their key, and its liquid and chaotic
form is tricky to track down.

A new year means new collaborations, and so, Invisible Reality have joined
forces with Static Movement, in order to achieve Cybernetic Evolution of
the ultimate key. This key is made of penetrating basses along with the
finest melodies that have the ability to open any door. Once they have
reached the Doors of Soul, it was much clearer to see the different reality
that they have brought with them. It started to spread all over with bouncy
beats that shook the whole construction of the place. Although she has a
lot of experience in opening doors, and different sets of keys, Alice realized
this was not a Dream. In fact the Alice Dream was so real that she started
to get confused and try to find the rabbit hole again. Unfortunately for her,
there was no sight for it.

Just a key.


01. Invisible Reality & Static Movement - Cybernetic Evolution
02. Invisible Reality - Doors of Soul
03. Invisible Reality - Alice Dream (REMAKE 2012)



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