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Inner State-Vibrational Frequency E.P.-Out Now!(iono-music)

Artist:Inner State
Title: Vibrational Frequency E.P.
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 14.05.2012


The human race tuned itself to a certain frequency a long time ago, and since
then it seems to be stuck on it. This sound wave has become a conventional
way of interacting between humans, and most of them never thought there
might be other layers of communications yet to be discovered. However, certain
types of music developed a unique method to uncover this ability, with a strict
selection of perfect sound combination a Vibrational Frequency was invented.
This innovation was about to change everything we know. Are you ready to be

The man who is behind this move is Marios Karakasidis, also known as Inner State,
from Thessaloniki, Greece. Inner State refined his technique during his music studies
in the UK in 1999, only to upgrade them through mixing as a DJ in 2004. 2 years
after that he started to brew his own frequency and when he became part of the
Iono Music family in 2009, the recipe was perfect.

Inner State's journey of exploring other layers of sound began with a deep investigation
through Vibrational Frequencies. It took a while to experiment and realize that the
Progressive Trance tunes he made needed a touch of Dub Step to complete the first
stage of the expedition. Later he invited Aqualize, aka Vladislav Koumpatidis and Tasos
Koinis, in order to continue with the revelations that were just discovered and add
another layer. Their immediate reaction to yet another realm found was saying this is
Our Own Realities. After such a tilting experience there was no way to come back.
Therefore, Inner State decided to try yet another voyage along with Sonic Sense,
aka Igal Yakobuv. Without boundaries or constraints they have managed to reach
Higher Dimensional Space in which they unleashed all their creative forces.


01. Inner State - Vibrational Frequency
02. Inner State vs. Aqualize - Our Own Realities
03. Inner State vs. Sonic Sense - Higher Dimentional Space



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