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Infinity - Control Group - Out now !!!(Iono Music)

Artist: Infinity
Title: Control Group
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 31.05.2011

Nick Karamalakis from Greece is the man behind the project 'Infinity',
also well known from the duo Progenitor.

Over the years Nick had some releases at namful labels like Iono Music,
Blue Tunes, Mikrokosmos,Y.S.E., Spintwist, Aphonix e.t.c and on all tracks
he received overwhelming reactions.

Infinity's productions incorporate a strong rhythmic and musical feel
whilst remaining deep and stompy - a combination which gets any
progressive floor moving!

His debut album 'Control Group' features nine previously unreleased
progressive trance tracks with thumping kicks, groovy rythms and
deeply pushing baselines,produced with a crispy fat morning sound
that takes the listener on a journey of great emotions.

Be ready for another IONO top release, coming from Greece,
one of the international hot spots of progressive trance,
presented by an highly ambititious artist.


01. Infinity - Traditional Ways Of Healing (Remake 2011)
02. Infinity - Ghost Of Sparta
03. Infinity - Lost In The Sunlight
04. Infinity - Alcoholism
05. Infinity - Techniques
06. Infinity - Arkham City
07. Infinity - Car Accident
08. Infinity - Control Group
09. Infinity - From The Depths Of The Underworld


31.05.2011 | gerrard | Promotional