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Ice Cream EP by PULTEC on Atoms Records OUT NOW!

Ice Cream EP by PULTEC on Atoms Records OUT NOW!

EP - Ice Cream by PULTEC - AT1EPD001

Atoms Records first presentation compels the listener to focus solely on the music. The producer Pultec delivers Ice Cream EP The Proper Progressive Psy Trance classic inspired that lets the music doing the talking. Top notch minimalistic tech tools accompained by many rich flavours,wicked sweet pads,tribal percussion, delightsome palatable melodies.His debut EP on Atoms Records features 2 tracks; ' Ice Cream a vocal collaboration with Brazil's finest Jana (aka Creatrix) and 'Freak-r-us'.

Track list:

01.Ice Cream - 140 BPM
02.Freaks-r-us - 140 BPM

Label: Atoms Records
Release Date:22/05/2012
Genre: Progressive Trance
Artist: PULTEC
Catalogue Number: AT1EPD001




23.05.2012 | AtomsRecords | Promotional

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Full on z leta z Ozory pro

Full on z leta z Ozory pro vas...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mp1GXcJCKLQ&list=UUfUl0qczOy5qdLvBz0hk6eQ&index=4&feature=plcp a jinak Zas nejakej blb s Oakley "otravnou" reklamou, co se cpe na tyto stranky.., program nasmerovany k nasim psytrance strankam ,ktery nam zavaluje chat., takze vyjadruji dalekosahly a vrcholny nesouhlas stimto zavalovanim naseho mista pro komunikaci a Vsechny vas zdravim .., preju fajn podzim a pristi open air sezonu nekde opet v tanci..... !!! Slunce v dusi.