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Funky Dragon-Modern Emotions E.P.-Out now!(iono-music)

Artist:Funky Dragon
Title: Modern Emotions E.P.
Label: http://www.iono-music.com
Date: 13.02.2012


Emotions are perhaps one of the most primordial remnants we have to remind
us that we are part of nature. In the last century, technology progressed and
created a mediator for many of our functions. Even emotions now have specific
graphic pictures called Emotics, to signal to the other person how we feel.
Modern Emotions are turning into pictures and animations, while somehow
along the way people forgot that the best emotion indicator is music.

Funky Dragon, aka Igor Cuculovic from Serbia, realized this distorted reality, and
tried to contribute in his own very progressive way. After some time of Dj'ing,
he decided to go pro and went to study Audio Engineering properly; his first
musical creation was released in 2004. A year later Cuculovic released his first
album The Algos at Synergetic Records and in 2007 he joined the Iono family
to release his 2nd album Massive.

So the Funky Dragon decided to do something about the problematic nature
of the Modern Emotions. He realized that some warmth is needed in this
mechanical alienated realm, and so he blew fire from his mouth and made
a rumble. It was a hard time for him, as he realized animals around him are
suffering from Days of Insomnia due to lack of warmth and affection. The
air was filled with hard, intense and growling whispers. However, the
Funky Dragon knew that it just a question of time, before the
Sundown Answers will appear, thus bringing a sense of hope and


01. Funky Dragon - Day of Insomnia
02. Funky Dragon - Modern Emotions
03. Funky Dragon - Sundown Answers


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