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Download new Summer 2012 Revolve magazine as a free Evolve PDF with links to free tracks

Download the new Summer 2012 Revolve as a free PDF. It’s the spiritual issue, so there are articles which are well worth reading from the Dalai Lama, about Baba Ram Dass, four-page interview with Alex Grey, articles by healers, psytrance interviews, summer festival countdown, CD reviews, save the orangutan, fractal brain theory etc.

Also on pages 35 and 36 there are links to many tracks by some great artists.

Click here:
OR go to BMSS Records the fantastic German trance label and you can download it straight away from there. It is at:

Free tracks from Tristan / Trold / Yudhisthira / Malice in Wonderland / Total Eclipse vs. Ecosphere / Aphid Moon / Tripy / Omsphere / Techyon / Cathar / Meller / Pick etc. etc. available with links on pages 35 and 36 of the PDF.

The articles are worth it, please download it now!!
: )
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