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Dissociactive vs Sorrowmurk - Blast From The Past (SunStation Rec./ Free))

Sun Station Records presents

Dissociactive vs Sorrowmurk - Blast From The Past

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“Blast from the Past” is a very special gift to all the fans of the legendary Russian psytrance band Dissociactive. This release is a collection of previously unreleased tracks written during 2003-2005 by Jorik (who now days makes music as Sorrowmurk) and Slava (who continues to run the Dissociactive project), and were thought to have been lost forever after an epic hard drive failure. However, in a stroke of luck, the original files were recently discovered on a friend’s computer, and are now re-mastered and presented to you as this free release on Sun Station Records. So enjoy the original sound from the Russian psychedelic underground!

Release Info
cat.number: SSTAR18
type: EP
tracks: 5
lenght:33:43 min
release date:April 2012
mastering:Slava Dissociactive
artwork: E. Kiselev / http://ekiselev.com/


1. Dissociactive vs. Sorrowmurk - Vitamin-K
2. Dissociactive vs. Sorrowmurk - So Good
3. Dissociactive vs. Sorrowmurk - Distortion
4. Dissociactive vs. Sorrowmurk - Huga Buga
5. Dissociactive vs. Sorrowmurk - Vanga


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