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DAHEEN psytrance album - Being Green (Regen Records)


The long awaited Daheen psytrance album is finally here! A kaleidoscopic musical adventure of frogs, elephants, Jedi Masters, Pirates, horses, cows, chickens, pigs, ducks, cats, dogs, panthers, Native Americans, birds, lions, Tarzan, tribesmen and monkeys! All this to bouncy groovy beats and twisting soaring melodies make this album a feast for the ears!

‘Being Green’ is an amazing blend of sounds and styles. Each track uses a vast array of samples to construct a theme or story that will truly take you on a journey. Quirky, creative, comical, sometimes serious, very funky. Great music to dance or listen to. This is a unique album that will stand out with its originality and is sure to provide fun times on dancefloors around the world.

As an added bonus the CD comes with an accompanying short story to be read with the music as a soundtrack. Each chapter corresponds with the track and incorporates all the spoken samples heard throughout the tunes.

Another environmentally friendly release from Regen Records with 1 tree planted for every CD sold!

Available now from http://www.regenrecords.c... or from online retailers from the 2nd September. Available digitally from 9th September.

Track listing:

1. Being Green 140bpm
2. The Elephants 143bpm
3. Master Yoda 145bpm
4. Pirates Ahoy 145bpm
5. Horsin' Around 143bpm
6. Animal Farm 142bpm
7. Pink Panther 140bpm
8. Ya'ah'tee 142bpm
9. Jungle Juice (Being Green MIx) 142bpm

Daheen is considered to be amongst Australia's finest psytrance producers and is renowned for his original style and entertaining live shows. He has been making and releasing psytrance for 6 years, first hitting the scene with his widely popular track "Jungle Juice". Since then he has released on many compilations both solo and in collaborations with Psyboriginal. His album has been eagerly anticipated by a rapidly growing following.

28.08.2011 | regen records | Promotional

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Now available to buy digitally! :)

Now available to buy digitally! :)


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