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AxuliXamus - Existence Modelling (Active Meditation Music)


AxuliXamus - Existence Modelling (Active Meditation Music)




01.AxuliXamus - Architecture Of Space (150 Bpm)
02. AxuliXamus - Neila (150 Bpm)
03. AxuliXamus - Plushki (155 Bpm)
04. AxuliXamus vs Gotalien -
Xylene Can Cause Sleepiness (175 Bpm)
05. AxuliXamus -
Le Maitre chat ou le chat botte (175 Bpm)

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All tracks Written and Produced by Ilya Danilov & Maxim Khapaev
Track 04 with Alberto Zatta
Cover & Mastering by Demoniac Insomniac

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StiTch aka Paraz1t (Ilya Danilov) is a young project from Russia.

All his life Ilya was in love with fast and aggressive music. After several years of work
on his solo project, he met Maxim Khapaev (Maximus project) who makes deep and atmospheric sounds. After a while they released their split album "StiTch vs Maximus - The Futuristc World" on LUA Records.
Now they decided to make a project together, called AxuliXamus!
They released couple of tracks on various compilation under this name.

Ilya has released several albums: ManiacPsychoPro (Rest My Step) and
Rockdenashi Productionz (Infected Twisters). Besides that Ilya and Max took part in more than
fifty releases on various labels. Maxim now prepares his new album for Blitz Studio.
At the moment they are working on their album for Active Meditation Music!

11.12.2011 | active meditation | Promotional