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Astronaut Ape - A Little Closer To The Stars EP (Microcosmos Records)

Microcosmos presents

Artist: Astronaut Ape
Title: A Little Closer To The Stars
label:Microcosmos Records
cat.number MCRCSMS004
type: Digital
genre: Ambient / Chill-out / Psychill
tracks: 04
Mastered by Syncmasters Studio

Listen Online: http://soundcloud.com/mic...


01. Intro
02. Sputnik
03. He Was The First
04. Space Station Mir

From ancient times to nowadays, people reach out for space. We all know this feeling when watching at the sky above in the night you experience an unexplainable desire to go there.. in your imagination at the very least.
But there are people who were there. People for whom space is not a dream but a goal. And it’s not relevant if they go there themselves or prepare the flight for someone else.
April 12 is their day.
The day when the stars become a little bit closer to us.
This album is dedicated to such people.

Microcosmos Records prepared a special present for the Cosmonautics Day, which will be very interesting for all fans of high quality chillout music — mini release of Astronaut Ape called “A Little Closer”. Oleg, author of this EP, graduated the Mozhaisky Military Space Academy, and in honour of the first human’s flight to space he decided to release some truly cosmic tunes.

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21.04.2012 | sunstation | Promotional