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Autumnal Dreaming - The Last Trap


It was an autumn day; a fresh aroma the air.
Breathing in deeply, we were trapped in a snare.

How were we loured into this dangerous trap,
We just were not looking or even aware.

There was a sweet sticky dew tasting like mead,
This honey nectar turned our heads to greed.

Losing control we were going out of our mind,
In a strange flower bed, we left our world behind.

Now wondering in a deep psychedelic dream,
We're floating eagerly down a rainbow stream.

20.09.2014 - 21.09.2014
Hospoda Past
U trati 40 B, 10000 Prague, Czech Republic
GPS GPS 50°3'57.867"N, 14°29'27.776"E

Line UP

18:00 Salihlávka btb Heehy
19:30 Raq Edison
21:00 Reborn
22:30 Gulliver
00:00 Ejczka
01:30 Druidum
03:00 Heehy
04:30 Mako
06:00 Cuky


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