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tv:Hello Tim,
Please can u tell us from where are u from,whats your age etc...?
sensient:Im from Melbourne in Australia, and i just turned 23.

tv:How did u get into the psytrance?
sensient:Well ive always been into music. Ive played drums
in bands since i was 13. Then when i was 16 i
moved to byron bay, you might have heard of
it...it has one of australias most rocking
scenes, so it was only a matter of time before i
was exposed. I went to a big festival at 19 and i
was blown away totally by the music i heard! It
really fascinated me with its sci-fi themes as
ive always loved sci-fi books/movies etc.

tv:so as i count good u are in the psytrance around
4 years?
sensient:yeah about 4 years, ive been writing the stuff
for hmmm....3 years i think.

tv:Did u dj before? or do u still dj now?
sensient:No i never dj’d before. I do dj now since a year
ago, it is how i play my music to the crowd
because i havent got a live set as such worked
out. When i play live i want it to be "proper"
live, not faking it!

tv:So do u play only your own stuff?
sensient:that depends - if the promoter wants a "Sensient"
set then yes, i will play only my own stuff but i
actually enjoy putting other peoples music in my
sets. Its usually about 50/50.

tv:ok-and what was your most interesting or just
best gig?have u already been outside australia?
sensient:Well to be honest i havent yet had the killer
gig. Ive played lots of clubs and a few small
outdoor parties. Ive never been outside of
Australia. I hope to go o’seas this year though.
I have a few things lined up so its looking good.

tv:Fine...can u tell something about australian psy
scene.Now seems very evolving-some nu labels..nu
interesting names....Is it how we see it in
sensient:Well yes i think the australian psy scene is
coming into a new stage. Up until now it has been
known mainly for the crazy full on style like
demon tea and psy-harmonics, but now there are a
few more minimal/proggy acts popping up, and also
a couple of labels in this style. But to me it
seems the australian crowds still much prefer
there full on sounds. We have parties where it is
12 hours straight of 148bpm cranking goa stuff
and this gives me the shits. We need more tasty
progressive acts!

tv:Thats a neverending story in psytrance
How do u see it-your opinion about the current
sensient: Yes it is neverending but there is room for both
styles. The current music - well there is some
great stuff around for sure! I like music that
has progressive structures and groove yet still
has very subtle psychadelic sounds. Personally,
alot of the progressive music around right now
bores me - i dont like this "clubby" stuff at
all. It just has no substance for me.

tv:..and what are your plans-mean releasing music,
sensient:As far as releases, well i have a 2 track vinyl
coming out on plastik park sometime in march and
also an album with them which will be out around
june. I just sent some new tracks of to some
labels too so i hope to be getting some more
releases soon! I have been offered to fly over
to germany for my album launch, so im hoping to
arrange a tour from there.

tv:And how would u describe the album-if is possible
to speak about it now?
sensient:The album will be quite dark, quite funky and in
some places quite heavy:)

tv:..do u also plan any colaborations?
sensient:No collaborations yet - i have written a couple
of tracks with a friend of mine Dave (Dark Nebula) and this has
been fun, but i think i prefer to write on my own
- maybe i am a control freak! Im about to start
work on a remix of an old Big Wigs track
though...vibrafon. I cant wait to give this a go.

tv:Can u describe how do u compose your
music?Becouse i would say that your tracks are
very smartly composed.
sensient:Well i always start with the kick, bass and then
make a few different drum groove variations over
the top of this for use in the "progression"
later. Then i find some sounds that i like from
samples or synths and gradually place them so
that there is plenty of space for each sound to
be totally effective. I like to leave plenty of
space in my music so each individual sound has
more impact. And i always try and have a build in
my tracks. I dont really like tracks that stay on
the on level the whole time, i like my music to
travel somewhere different from what it was at
the start of the track.

tv:what is your opinion on the big discusion about
mp3,music sharing etc..?
sensient:Well it is a never ending debate with lots of
different opinions. As an artist i really dont
like this mp3 sharing. People try and justify
it..."i listen before i buy", or "it is good
promotion for the artist"...i believe if you are
driven enough and your music is good enough you
dont need mp3 to promote you.A good label will do
it for you. As for - "Listen before i
buy"...just go to psyshop and listen there with
real player - its enough to tell if you like it
or not.

tv:Can u tell us please what are your favourite
artist,labels,which and whom music do listen?
sensient:My favourite artist all this year has been Krumelur. I love his swedish forest funk style, and he has been very much an influence and inspration to me. Also, my number one group for me at the moment is Igneous Sauria...very intricate minmal style that always suprises! I also really enjoy Triplex, P.P.S Project, Paste...anything that is dark and atmoshperic while stil groovy. As for my favourite labels i really love the first compilation by Domo records. Also Z..M.A, Creamcrop, and of course Plastik Park:)

tv:OK-what about some other music instead of psytrance...
sensient:To be honest i barely have the time to hear much music other than psy these days, but when i do i like jazz/funk/fusion style and also some drum and bass/trip hop

tv: ...I saw that u preparing a nu label...Can u tell more about?Why,whats your goal,what are your plans..?
sensient:Yes, the label is called Zenon Records. The aim is to be the first quality Australian psy-gressive label. We want to expose Australian proggy talent to the world and also release fresh music from new and more known overseas artists. The first compilation will be out in a couple of months, if that goes well i hope Zenon will soon become a established label.

tv:So-thanks for your time,and i wish all the best by creating those sci-fi tunes:-)
Do u have anythink what u would like to say on the end? (some massage to the world etc...:-))
sensient:Well, i say to people...go easy on the drugs...you will feel better tommorow hehe:)


27.02.2003 | tv | magazín